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Storm Drain Manholes

Our storm drain manholes are produced as per ASTM C-478 and AASHTO M-199 specifications.

Storm Drain Sizes

We produce storm drain manholes from 36" diameter to 96" diameter.


Our manhole joints are manufactured with machined tongue and groove joints and are sealed with butyl rubber sealant, which meets ASTM C-990.


Steel reinforced copolymer polypropylene steps meeting ASTM C-478, ASTM D-4101, ASTM C-615, and ASSHTO M-199 are available to be installed in our sanitary manholes.  

Pipe Openings

  • ​Majority of storm drain manholes are provided with formed openings.
  • Flexible pipe to manhole connectors meet ASTM C-923 specifications and are available in various sizes.
  • Water stop grouting rings meet ASTM C-923 specifications, section 4 "materials and manufacturer" and are available for field installation by others.


Various coatings are applied at our facility to meet the specifications of the specific job.

Frames & Covers

Frames and covers are available for Storm Drain manholes.