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Storm Shelters


Design Process

 Our company has been researching to design and bring a residential storm shelter to our local market.  We decided to team up with Delta Engineers to design a precast residential storm shelter, due to their extensive knowledge in the precast industry.  The design evolved into an above ground residential storm shelter model #HT-69-SS.  

Structural Design

As Per FEMA 320
As Per NSSA/ICC 500
As Per ASCE 7-05
Wind load 250 mph, Exposure Category C


5,000 P.S.I. Min. @ 7 Days
Rebar Meets ASTM A-615, Grade 60
All Inserts & Connections Are Stainless Steel
Entry Door Meets has been tested by Texas Tech Institute & National Wind Institute For Debris Impact Testing

Why Above Ground?

Handicap Accessible
Large Entry Door
Emergency Exit 
High water table in Tidewater Area

Site Preparation

Remove All Topsoil, Vegetation, Organics, Or Other Unsuitable Materials A Minimum Of Two Feet Form Any Edge Of The Slab
All Fill Material Must Be Compacted To A Density Of At least 95

Installation Process

Performed By An Approved Installer